Want to try something new? We have GUITAR LESSONS!

Private Lessons


At Morphy Music we accept students of any age and experience level.

After becoming a student you will attend weekly or biweekly lessons for 30 - 90 minutes.

What we teach

  • Piano 
  • Voice 
  • Guitar
  • Theory
  • History
  • Harmony

Our Specialties

  • Royal Conservatory of Music Curriculum 
  • Beginner to Advanced 
  • University and/or Audition Preparation
  • Keyboard Facility Requirements (for university) 
  • Piano and Voice Pedagogy Training 
  • High School Credits (more info here)

Why us?

During weekly lessons students learn classical and popular repertoire, technique skills, theory and other musical concepts. Students are welcome to perform in multiple events and performances throughout the year. Students are encouraged to attend workshops and classes to develop individual and collaborative learning opportunities. 

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PARENTS: Why Music Lessons?