What is YOUR role as a music parent?

  • Attend weekly lessons with your child (applies to younger students)

  • Take an active role during lessons by taking notes, videoing, participating, etc.

  • Attend recitals and musical events

  • Establish a practice routine

  • Support and encourage daily practicing 

  • Supply and maintain a good quality instrument for your child

  • Communicate with the child's instructor 

  • Enjoy the beautiful music in your home!

Support at home is an essential ingredient for success in any activity a child participates in!


Why is Music Instruction SO Important?

if you want to accelerate brain development in children teach them music


want to brain your brain? forget apps, learn a musical instrument


a childs brain develops faster with exposure to music education


learning classical music as a child helps shape adulthood


unpacking the science: how playing music changes the learning brain


transforming children through music



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